How Your Clients Can Promote Your Photography Business: 3 Tips to Consider

You don’t have to spend all of your money on marketing as your clients can promote your photography business for you! Read this article and discover how!

Believe it or not – you will not have to spend a marketing or advertising your products anymore. You can save all of you money for camera bags, lenses, and other equipment you need. We have found an effective way to market your business and it is absolutely free.

Allow your clients to promote your photography business for you. Yes, this is possible, and we are going to show you how.

Just follow these 3 simple methods:

  • Hit the “Share” Button – When posting something on the social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter encourage your clients to share the sneak peak with their closest friends and family. All they have to do is to click the “Share” button, at the end of your post. By doing so, your post will go into their newsfeed, which additionally motivated their local family and friends to consider your photography business. After all, most of the people hire photographers whom their family members or friends have already used.
  • Post Watermarked Images – When you deliver the final photos to your clients, you can give them photos sized to print and photos with your watermark on them. Here is why you need to this:
  • Provide an added protection to your client photos for sharing on social media networks
  • Encourage your clients to post watermarked images publicly (as an added safety from theft)

Besides protection, this also serves as a way for other people to learn more about your photography business.

  • Offer a Referral Incentive For your customers who refer your photo business to their family and friends, it is polite to offer them an incentive. You can do this by telling them that they are going to receive a bonus or a discount on their next purchase or session if they refer your business to their friends and family. It is recommendable to show your appreciation to the people who support you and your business.

While there are so many other ways to promote your photography business, these are 3 effective ways your clients can promote your business for you! Make sure to try all 3 and share your experience with us!

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