Which Type of Entrepreneur Are You: Fundamental or Speculative

Read this article and discover which type of entrepreneur are you! Are you a fundamental entrepreneur or maybe you are a speculative entrepreneur? Find out here!

One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is not being honest with themselves and with the people around them about the type of entrepreneur they really are. You own to yourself to determine which type of entrepreneur you are, so you can keep up with your business in the right direction.

There are two types of entrepreneurs: fundamental and speculative. The fundamental entrepreneurs are those who want to build their companies for a longer period of time, while the speculative entrepreneurs are those who look to use momentary market opportunities.

Being a fundamental entrepreneur does not really mean that you can’t take advantage of the momentary business opportunities or being a speculative entrepreneur does not mean that you make use of every opportunity on the market and doesn’t really play safe in complicated times.

The point is to understand which game you are playing, what you want to accomplish, and what power you can or can’t influence. So, which type of entrepreneur are you? Are you a fundamental or speculative?

About Fundamental Entrepreneurs

The fundamental entrepreneurs look out for market opportunities and business investments that are determined by forces they can see, predict, control, and influence. These entrepreneurs do everything in their power to delay costs until the revenue and cash flow is positive. Taking on outside debt is considered as a huge risk and according to them, it is not something that is work taking unless the market and the business are at the right stage.

About Speculative Entrepreneurs

The speculative entrepreneurs push their limits towards huge business opportunities and investments that they have little or no control over, but seem to be related to the current market trends and developmental interest. The speculative entrepreneurs are willing to follow and use herd-like attitude and promising new technologies.

They are completely fine not having control over the market and they usually operate on a much shorter timeframe. The speculative entrepreneurs think in months, instead in years. They typically don’t want to develop a self-sustaining business and they are always looking to dive head into a business opportunity, take the reward, and get out quickly.

So, can you now determine which type of entrepreneur are you?

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